Cab Drivers

A member of the rock band KISS, a modern classical composer, Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, a manager at a large heating and air conditioning company, an IT Security professional, and thousands of everyday people all have one thing in common. At some point in their lives, they needed a job. All of these people made a living driving a cab. For some it became a career for others a stepping stone to a new place in life.

Taxicab companies are forever searching for drivers.  As the founder of Yellow Cab of PWC said “It is the best part time job in the world!” Most drivers, world-wide, are independent contractors.  This means that you work for yourself.  You set your own hours.  You decide how much you make.  Have an unexpected expense, drive a little longer, it’s a nice day and you want to go fishing, go and enjoy.  The only boss you will anger is yourself when you miss that fare to the airport.

A good cab driver is one that practices good customer service skills always.  Helping load/unload groceries and packages, holding doors and polite exchanges all help the customers’ experience.  The better the experience the more likely that the cab driver and company earn a repeat customer.

Like a good bartender a good cab driver knows how to listen, how to make small talk, and when to do each.  Some customers prefer the anonymous feeling of riding with a quiet driver while others like scintillating conversation and an animated back and forth.  Learning to read passengers will make this job more lucrative as tips increase and passengers start to request drivers.    Having loyal customers that prefer one driver over another allows drivers to build their customer base and their income.

There are several ways to join the driving profession.  We offer daily leases and weekly leases where the company pays for the vehicle, insurance and maintenance. We also offer owner operator opportunities (you own the vehicle and pay a small dispatch fee).  Occasionally there is even a chance for lease to own openings.

If you are looking to make a little extra cash in your spare time, come see us today and start the best part time job there is!  It can be a pretty lucrative full- time job too!