Family, by Blood or not.

Most of our followers know Yellow Cab of PW is a family owned and operated business.  We often talk about how our staff and drivers are part of our extended family.  We don’t often tell stories of how passengers become as close as family to some drivers.

In our over 40-year history, drivers have become lifelong friends, caretakers and adopted family members to strangers that just needed transportation. We have been fortunate to watch these acquaintances, that start with a ride, grow into deep, loving, and long-lasting friendships.

Lou has been with us for many years and has lots of stories to tell.  The story of Lou and Kathy is one of my favorites and says so much about Lou’s heart.  Lou and Kathy met when he took her to work.  When she retired from her job, they remained friends.  Lou was there when Kathy lost her mom and her fortunes changed.  He helped her find a new job that would help her out and keep her busy.  He found her a place to live when she needed a new home and as her health faded, he took her everywhere, doctor’s appointments, grocery trips, pharmacy runs and even social events.  This friendship and deep abiding love ensured that when Kathy fell very ill someone was there to care for her.  All because of a cab ride, Kathy had “family” with her at the end of this journey called life.

Chad is another great driver and an asset to Yellow Cab. He has had several families adopt him.   Chad has a big heart and there is so many good deeds he has done, that I am unsure where to start.  He keeps us laughing with his wonderful sense of humor and his Facebook posts. Most of all his amazing heart always makes us smile.  He became a member of the Drake family.  He had dinner with them and celebrated birthdays and was recognized by them with an amazing letter delivered to the Prince William County Board of Supervisors.  He provided a passenger with a voice mail so that she could hear her mom’s voice one last time.   He isn’t sure today, why that voice mail wasn’t erased but it made a daughter’s wish come true.  He has assisted passengers into houses in unusual ways, helped out with groceries, made passengers comfortable by propping up their legs, and so much more!  He goes above and beyond to help everyone.  There are many other stories and families that Chad has loved, assisted and most importantly brought a little sunshine and laughter into their lives.

Randy is a family member that decided to driver part time just to have something to do.  During the pandemic he would deliver toilet paper to passengers that were having a hard time finding it. He was known to make special trips to help people get medicine and groceries. One afternoon, we received a call from an elderly lady,  inquiring about her upcoming reservation.  Unable to find her reservation, we chatted for a bit and soon found out that she had entered her request with a different company.  We told her that we would gladly take her but she would need to cancel the other reservation first.  Fast forward a couple of weeks and she calls to schedule the trip.  Randy is dispatched to take her and her dog home.  It is a trip of several hours and by the end Randy and Ms. B were great friends.  She asked if he would take care of her dog should she pass and he said absolutely.  They talked on the phone frequently over the next few months with Randy checking in to make sure she didn’t need anything or just calling to say hello and make her smile.  Ms. B passed away recently but her dog is in a loving home as she wanted and Randy has a living, loving reminder of his time as a cab driver.

Robert started driving for us at age 23.  He is still here. Still driving and still helping people.  He met his wife here and has 2 wonderful sons that we have watched grow into nice young men.  Robert’s passenger Alex hadn’t been to the movies for many years because health conditions led to him being in a wheelchair.  Robert decided to take time in the middle of the day to take Alex to see Fast and Furious 7.  He knew this series of movies was a favorite for Alex.  When they got to the concession stand at the movies and they handed Alex an empty cup and popcorn with no butter, Robert was thrilled to show him he could get as much butter as he wanted and fix his own drink.   Robert once had a fare where he had to assist someone with the remains of a beloved family pet.  The lady was amazed at the kindness and sympathy a total stranger extended to her.  Robert also assisted many other passengers that became good friends.   There was Bob, going for food and errands on a daily basis.  Mrs. D. was another weekly trip to the beauty salon and shopping for groceries.  Robert would carry in her purchases and put them away. She always made sure she bought him a half gallon of ice cream!  Robert has many other stories too.  He has always treated this as a job and a way to help people.  He says it may not seem like much to those who see this but to the people he helps it is sometimes everything.

So many stories that we don’t have the time and space to share.  Some of these things, seem so inconsequential, just basic human kindness. Little things that touch people’s lives and make them a little easier or brighter.   Kindness and caring, it still exists here and we see wonderful examples of it on a daily basis.