From the Yellow Cab Weirdness Files; You Left WHAT in a Cab?!?!?

So, I admit it, I made people cry with my last blog……sorry!! That wasn’t my intention. Today, I am hoping to make you laugh. Our business deals with people when they are their most miserable and most jolly. Your car breaks down, you call a tow truck then you call us! You had a little too much fun out on the town, you call us to get you home safe. We deal with people at their lowest, and their highest…..sometimes literally.
We often find people, in their highs and lows will leave the most random things in our back seats. Sometimes these things are harmless, other times they leave us slightly more afraid of the world our drivers are in.
From the weird files here at Yellow Cab, we present: “You Left What In a Cab??”
Canes, canes and more canes have been left in cabs more times than we can remember. But one cane was waaaaay more interesting than any we have ever had dropped off in our office. It looked a little different and it wasn’t until someone pulled on one side that we understood why. It was actually a dual purpose cane. It could help you walk, and also help you in a fight as it had a sword concealed in the leg. Also not our only weapon, as someone did leave a gun in the back of a taxi. Rest assured, it was quickly removed and was turned over to the proper authorities.
Believe it or not, we once had a passenger leave an artificial leg in the backseat. We had a hard time figuring out exactly how that was even possible. More shockingly, two sets of false teeth have been left in our cabs. Both sets of recovered teeth were returned to their proper owners, and we are going to leave it at that. Another time a customer called because she thought she had lost her teeth in the cab, but we were informed by the driver they were likely on the side of the road and she owed him $25 for the car wash he had to pay for after she was dropped off. EEEEWWWWWEEEE!
Medications are left in cabs often and we make every attempt to locate the owners and return them. We have returned them to pharmacies, nursing homes and rightful owners when they are able to be located and verified. Self medications are another topic. Yes, we have had illegal substances left in cabs. Those too go to the proper authorities ASAP! I don’t know what they do with them, but we definitely don’t want them here! Please don’t do drugs and mostly, please don’t leave them in our cabs!!
Probably the saddest thing ever, not to make you cry or anything, was a puppy! We had a tiny little puppy left in the backseat of a vehicle once. The driver brought it to the office and he got to stay with one of our operators overnight until the owner was found and they were reunited.
I hope if we have to come get you one day that if you’re at your lowest, we are able to pick you up . If we pick you up at your highest, we just want to get you where you are going safely. If ever you happen to leave something in the cab that you wouldn’t go to jail for, or something that is a danger to the general public, we are always more than happy to reunite you with your lost item.