Oh The Places We Go……

Most people think of taxi service as local trips and service to the airport, bus station, or train station.  That is the large majority of our trips here at Yellow Cab.  We service all types of riders.  From the people that need to pick their car up from the shop, the mom that is having a rough morning (her kids missed the bus and now her car won’t start),  someone who is having outpatient surgery and shouldn’t drive, the elderly neighbor that needs to pick up some groceries, the business person going out of town and the family leaving on vacation, we provide safe affordable rides to these and many other customers performing everyday errands.

Sometimes we get the pleasure of taking a passenger on a special trip.  Maybe they don’t enjoy flying.  Some want the comfort of a vehicle with a favorite driver.  Others want to take a pet along.  They travel as they wish, sleep if they need to, go at their own pace, stop and smell the flowers, stretch their legs and enjoy the scenery.

In our 40 year history we have been to many destinations for many reasons.

Once we had a lady that didn’t want to be separated from her pet, they traveled to Ontario.  We are not sure who enjoyed the trip more, the dog, passenger or the driver!

Another trip took a veteran to a hospital in Indiana.

We took an elderly passenger to Ocean City to visit her old home and friends.

Casino trips to Atlantic City and Charles Town Racetrack in West Virginia, all before MGM and Maryland Live were built.

New York City is a favorite destination, as is Virginia Beach.

We have taken people to Florida, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and even Jackson Mississippi!  Trips to Upstate New York, Ohio and North Carolina too.

So please remember, we are your locally owned and operated cab company and we will get you where you need to be!  No matter where it is you wish to go!