Oh, the things we’ve heard and seen!

Our business, while difficult some days, is also kind of fun! We are at our core a customer service provider. You call our office, and we do our best to honor whatever requests you can come up with; transportation related, of course. But we do occasionally get some more than interesting calls into our office.
People will call and want to give us their life story. We have become very familiar with some of our regulars. If they are grouchy, we know it. If they are having a good day, sometimes they share why; sometimes we wish they didn’t, other times we are happy right along with them. Sometimes those same customers call for a ride and just need an ear for a minute. I just reminded my operators today that I cannot pay them more to be telephone counselors for people. We’re sure there’s an app for that now.
Some of the most fun requests we have gotten were to actually drive a Bride and Groom from their church to their reception the day of their wedding. The colors of the wedding where black and yellow, so we fit right in there! We’ve taken expectant, in labor, mothers to the hospital, and we’ve even had one taxi birth. The driver cleaned the car after he dropped her off and was back in service a few hours later. (While it was pretty cool, we cringed too!) We’ve done a welcome home trip for a returning soldier on the Fourth of July. We were proud to be a part of that, it was one of our favorites.
We often get called for directions, phone numbers, and locations of other businesses. While we do our best to help, we are not Waze or the Yellow Pages. Close, but not really. Our lost and found calls, we could make a book out of. We have a collection of strollers that would rival any Babies R Us (R.I.P.). We have enough keys here to open just about any kind of door ever made. We also have more cell phones than your local Verizon store. That’s probably why people are calling us for counseling, they can’t download the app.
Then, there are the ones that leave us scratching our heads. We’ve had someone call and ask could we move a motorcycle in the trunk. We’ve transported someone’s deceased pet to be cremated. We are constantly going to McDonalds, Wendy’s, or whatever fast food chain there is, ordering food and delivering it. People have requested vans to use us and our driver as their own, personal moving service. We’ve followed spouses, not on own, one of the affected parties were always there with us, even when we didn’t want to be. We even once delivered an NC-17 cake for a bachelorette party because the baker didn’t want her teenaged delivery people taking a peek. We’ve done some stuff, seen and heard incredible things! Even on slow days, it can be interesting. But don’t worry, we’d never share any specifics.