Service Industry Workers and Pandemic Recovery

Recovering from a Pandemic brings lots of changes.  One of the largest work forces that are feeling some effects are the people that work in a service industry.  Waiters, drivers, hotel clerks, cooks, airline pilots, the list goes on and on.  These work force members that have returned (or never left) to work are shouldering a burden that was unforeseen.  Short of staff, supplies, and more.  Many don’t take the time to consider that there are many people still afraid of returning to work for a multitude of reasons.  Hopefully, this will help everyone see and appreciate those that are trying to perform their job duties in a trying time.

Please read our short Public Service Announcement and share with your friends!

PSA – please check on your friends and family in service industries today.  They are not ok.

Please consider the following when you are doing business with a service industry business.

  1. They are not lazy, slow, or unmotivated. If they are working, they are working more hours than usual because so many people are NOT working!
  2. Don’t ask “Why don’t you just hire more people?” They have thought of that and tried.  We promise you!  We are trying.  Small businesses across the Country are offering incentives that they, most likely, cannot afford just to get people in the door.
  3. If you see empty vehicles, empty tables, slow check ins, etc., it does not mean we are not busy. It means we are handling everyone in the most efficient way we know.  We will get you a ride, a meal, a room, or whatever you are paying us to do as quickly as possible.

We are exhausted, stressed and frustrated.  Just like you.  Maybe more.

Please be as kind and understanding as possible.  WE don’t choose to run our business this way.  Actually, we hate it more than anyone!

WE will get through this, we hope!  We are proud to make our living providing service to our customers!

Thank someone in the service industry today!  They will appreciate it more than you may ever know!