Yellow Cab vs. Uber/Lyft

In any economic situation we all want to save money. Based on November 2, 2021 rates, these trips (Chick-fil-a on Prince William Parkway to the Mall. ) were less costly with Yellow Cab! UBER and Lyft charge more than we do, and they often institute surge pricing, driving already high prices higher! Our rates don’t change. Every time you ride with us you can expect very little variation in price (traffic will cause a slight fluctuation in meter pricing). Our drivers are fully licensed, insured, and must pass a fingerprint background check conducted by Prince William County Police department. Yellow Cab of Prince William is a family owned and locally operated company. We are not a large corporation or franchise!



Service Industry Workers and Pandemic Recovery

Recovering from a Pandemic brings lots of changes.  One of the largest work forces that are feeling some effects are the people that work in a service industry.  Waiters, drivers, hotel clerks, cooks, airline pilots, the list goes on and on.  These work force members that have returned (or never left) to work are shouldering a burden that was unforeseen.  Short of staff, supplies, and more.  Many don’t take the time to consider that there are many people still afraid of returning to work for a multitude of reasons.  Hopefully, this will help everyone see and appreciate those that are trying to perform their job duties in a trying time.

Please read our short Public Service Announcement and share with your friends!

PSA – please check on your friends and family in service industries today.  They are not ok.

Please consider the following when you are doing business with a service industry business.

  1. They are not lazy, slow, or unmotivated. If they are working, they are working more hours than usual because so many people are NOT working!
  2. Don’t ask “Why don’t you just hire more people?” They have thought of that and tried.  We promise you!  We are trying.  Small businesses across the Country are offering incentives that they, most likely, cannot afford just to get people in the door.
  3. If you see empty vehicles, empty tables, slow check ins, etc., it does not mean we are not busy. It means we are handling everyone in the most efficient way we know.  We will get you a ride, a meal, a room, or whatever you are paying us to do as quickly as possible.

We are exhausted, stressed and frustrated.  Just like you.  Maybe more.

Please be as kind and understanding as possible.  WE don’t choose to run our business this way.  Actually, we hate it more than anyone!

WE will get through this, we hope!  We are proud to make our living providing service to our customers!

Thank someone in the service industry today!  They will appreciate it more than you may ever know!

Cab Drivers

A member of the rock band KISS, a modern classical composer, Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, a manager at a large heating and air conditioning company, an IT Security professional, and thousands of everyday people all have one thing in common. At some point in their lives, they needed a job. All of these people made a living driving a cab. For some it became a career for others a stepping stone to a new place in life.

Taxicab companies are forever searching for drivers.  As the founder of Yellow Cab of PWC said “It is the best part time job in the world!” Most drivers, world-wide, are independent contractors.  This means that you work for yourself.  You set your own hours.  You decide how much you make.  Have an unexpected expense, drive a little longer, it’s a nice day and you want to go fishing, go and enjoy.  The only boss you will anger is yourself when you miss that fare to the airport.

A good cab driver is one that practices good customer service skills always.  Helping load/unload groceries and packages, holding doors and polite exchanges all help the customers’ experience.  The better the experience the more likely that the cab driver and company earn a repeat customer.

Like a good bartender a good cab driver knows how to listen, how to make small talk, and when to do each.  Some customers prefer the anonymous feeling of riding with a quiet driver while others like scintillating conversation and an animated back and forth.  Learning to read passengers will make this job more lucrative as tips increase and passengers start to request drivers.    Having loyal customers that prefer one driver over another allows drivers to build their customer base and their income.

There are several ways to join the driving profession.  We offer daily leases and weekly leases where the company pays for the vehicle, insurance and maintenance. We also offer owner operator opportunities (you own the vehicle and pay a small dispatch fee).  Occasionally there is even a chance for lease to own openings.

If you are looking to make a little extra cash in your spare time, come see us today and start the best part time job there is!  It can be a pretty lucrative full- time job too!



Family, by Blood or not.

Most of our followers know Yellow Cab of PW is a family owned and operated business.  We often talk about how our staff and drivers are part of our extended family.  We don’t often tell stories of how passengers become as close as family to some drivers.

In our over 40-year history, drivers have become lifelong friends, caretakers and adopted family members to strangers that just needed transportation. We have been fortunate to watch these acquaintances, that start with a ride, grow into deep, loving, and long-lasting friendships.

Lou has been with us for many years and has lots of stories to tell.  The story of Lou and Kathy is one of my favorites and says so much about Lou’s heart.  Lou and Kathy met when he took her to work.  When she retired from her job, they remained friends.  Lou was there when Kathy lost her mom and her fortunes changed.  He helped her find a new job that would help her out and keep her busy.  He found her a place to live when she needed a new home and as her health faded, he took her everywhere, doctor’s appointments, grocery trips, pharmacy runs and even social events.  This friendship and deep abiding love ensured that when Kathy fell very ill someone was there to care for her.  All because of a cab ride, Kathy had “family” with her at the end of this journey called life.

Chad is another great driver and an asset to Yellow Cab. He has had several families adopt him.   Chad has a big heart and there is so many good deeds he has done, that I am unsure where to start.  He keeps us laughing with his wonderful sense of humor and his Facebook posts. Most of all his amazing heart always makes us smile.  He became a member of the Drake family.  He had dinner with them and celebrated birthdays and was recognized by them with an amazing letter delivered to the Prince William County Board of Supervisors.  He provided a passenger with a voice mail so that she could hear her mom’s voice one last time.   He isn’t sure today, why that voice mail wasn’t erased but it made a daughter’s wish come true.  He has assisted passengers into houses in unusual ways, helped out with groceries, made passengers comfortable by propping up their legs, and so much more!  He goes above and beyond to help everyone.  There are many other stories and families that Chad has loved, assisted and most importantly brought a little sunshine and laughter into their lives.

Randy is a family member that decided to driver part time just to have something to do.  During the pandemic he would deliver toilet paper to passengers that were having a hard time finding it. He was known to make special trips to help people get medicine and groceries. One afternoon, we received a call from an elderly lady,  inquiring about her upcoming reservation.  Unable to find her reservation, we chatted for a bit and soon found out that she had entered her request with a different company.  We told her that we would gladly take her but she would need to cancel the other reservation first.  Fast forward a couple of weeks and she calls to schedule the trip.  Randy is dispatched to take her and her dog home.  It is a trip of several hours and by the end Randy and Ms. B were great friends.  She asked if he would take care of her dog should she pass and he said absolutely.  They talked on the phone frequently over the next few months with Randy checking in to make sure she didn’t need anything or just calling to say hello and make her smile.  Ms. B passed away recently but her dog is in a loving home as she wanted and Randy has a living, loving reminder of his time as a cab driver.

Robert started driving for us at age 23.  He is still here. Still driving and still helping people.  He met his wife here and has 2 wonderful sons that we have watched grow into nice young men.  Robert’s passenger Alex hadn’t been to the movies for many years because health conditions led to him being in a wheelchair.  Robert decided to take time in the middle of the day to take Alex to see Fast and Furious 7.  He knew this series of movies was a favorite for Alex.  When they got to the concession stand at the movies and they handed Alex an empty cup and popcorn with no butter, Robert was thrilled to show him he could get as much butter as he wanted and fix his own drink.   Robert once had a fare where he had to assist someone with the remains of a beloved family pet.  The lady was amazed at the kindness and sympathy a total stranger extended to her.  Robert also assisted many other passengers that became good friends.   There was Bob, going for food and errands on a daily basis.  Mrs. D. was another weekly trip to the beauty salon and shopping for groceries.  Robert would carry in her purchases and put them away. She always made sure she bought him a half gallon of ice cream!  Robert has many other stories too.  He has always treated this as a job and a way to help people.  He says it may not seem like much to those who see this but to the people he helps it is sometimes everything.

So many stories that we don’t have the time and space to share.  Some of these things, seem so inconsequential, just basic human kindness. Little things that touch people’s lives and make them a little easier or brighter.   Kindness and caring, it still exists here and we see wonderful examples of it on a daily basis.

Small Business Owner

I plunge toilets, but I am not a Plumber.

I  work on air conditioners but I am not a HVAC worker.

I change light bulbs and do light electrical work, but I am not a Maintenance Engineer or Electrician.

I switch hardware, trouble shoot software and do the occasional update and computer reboot but I am not a Computer Technician or IT worker.

I plan marketing campaigns, design advertisements and manage social media accounts but I am not an Advertising Executive.

I have checked oil, water, and light bulbs and even changed a tire or two, installed and uninstalled equipment in vehicles but I am not a Mechanic.

I have painted offices, put together furniture, helped my husband replace flooring but I am not a Painter or Carpenter.

I do payroll, file (and pay) taxes, complete profit and loss statements and balance sheets but I am not an Accountant by trade.

I listen to people and try to give them the best guidance possible but I am not a Counselor.

I manage a health care plan but am not in Human Resources.

I answer phones and greet people but I am not a Receptionist.

I send vehicles to where people need them but I am not a Dispatcher.

I sell goods and services but I am not in Sales.

I am a small business owner.  I do all of the above and more.  I take the good with the bad.   I am always trying to find a way to give back to the community in which I am a part.  I just do what needs to be done.  Most of the time when it needs to be done, but sometimes things get put on the back burner because I get busy with other things.  I have wonderful employees that help me accomplish all of this and more.

Sometimes this career happens by birth and sometimes people decide to try something new and end up as their own boss.  No matter what business we own, it becomes a 24 hour a day job, 365 days a year.  We may take time away but we are seldom “off” the clock.  We provide jobs and help the local economy.  Small business owners work hard to provide for their families and employees.  Most of the time our employees become part of our family, even if they don’t start out related to us.  It is a rewarding life. A good year makes us love our job while a bad one can make us want to give it up.  We usually struggle through and persevere, and hope for better fortunes in the future.

I love my job, my employees,  my customers, and my community.  I am a small business owner.

Shop Small Business – Ride Local!


Twenty four hours a day……what was my grandpa thinking!?!?

Most people think of family businesses as those quaint little mom and pop shops, restaurants, even certain trade businesses like plumbers and electricians. What in the world is a family owned and operated cab company? How does that start? How does that work?

I want to give you a better understanding of how we started. What brought my sister, my brother, my mother and myself to the place we are today, third generation taxicab company owners.

My grandpa was a stubborn man. He could actually be quite ornery. From what I understand, his father was not much different and had built himself up from a chicken farmer to a lawyer with no formal college education, just dogged determination and a set of law books that he read to pass the Virginia Bar Exam. He and his wife, my great-grandmother had my grandpa later in life. He was the apple of his mother’s eye, and so he lived what many would consider to be a pretty good childhood. When he wanted a car, his father made him promise if he got him one he would drive him to work. He would, for a short time, then the car would be wrecked, and he got another, and his dad was walking to work before long. He was spoiled. His mother passed away when he was 18, and his father passed a short few years later. One would think that all his parents had built would have gone directly to him and he would be alright, but my grandpa didn’t get his stubbornness from thin air, it was genetic, and it was definitely handed down. When my great-grandpa died, his will excluded his only son from inheriting anything. It instead passed everything on to his grandchildren, implicitly stating that his son did not know the value of a dollar.

My grandpa, at the time of his father’s death, already had one child and another on the way. Any inheritance he may have hoped for was not going to happen. He had to find a way to support his family. He went to work repairing radios that were commonly used in trucks, taxi’s and homes (think of it as chat rooms, pre-internet). In this line of work he got to know the owners of several cab companies, and soon went to work as a dispatcher part-time. The dispatching part time, soon lead to a position as a manager for a local company. It was a few years later when an opportunity to purchase his own company arose. The Mountjoy family owned a cab company that operated in Prince William County and they were looking to sell it. After my grandfather passed and we were looking through some of his papers, we found his calculations and were able to see exactly how he made his decision. He purchased Radio Cab in 1978. As I mentioned before, owning a cab company is hard work. Being open 24 hours requires that someone be in the office 24 hours. My family was, at that point, also operating the Greyhound bus depot in Triangle, so they multi-tasked the space there to handle both operations. Five cabs don’t seem like a lot, but we soon had to relocate. In total, to this moment, we have had seven different offices, although we have been in our current office for 20 years or more. Soon five cabs wasn’t enough to take care of the whole county, so the fleet increased. Later private owners came to be big part of the company. My grandpa went from a boy cut out of an inheritance to operating his own company with more than 60 Yellow Cabs.

I’d like to finish the story by telling you he retired and moved to an island where he perfected his golf game, but he was prone to sunburn, and while he loved golf, I didn’t think he’s make the seniors tournaments. He passed away in 2004. He did, before he died, finally get the Cadillac he always wanted. I’d like to think that when he got to Heaven, his dad was there waiting for him, ready to shake his hand and tell him that he did it, and he did it all on his own, just like he hoped his son would.

Post Script

Found this on Joanna’s Desk top after she left to pursue her dream job of High School English teacher.

Ride Share companies have hit our industry hard. We were at the top of our game when this was written and have experienced a significant down turn. Not a family that sits and cries over tough times, we have picked ourselves up, and found ways to make it work (and cried some to be totally honest!). We are still here, providing traditional taxi service and more. Joanna still comes in when she isn’t teaching, Monica is still here helping with day to day operations and although Richie moved on to a job closer to home and family he is still willing to help out when we need him.

We still love what we do and hope that everyone will remember us. A small family owned business that has served the citizens, visitors and guests in Prince William County for over 40 years.

Remember to Shop Small Business and Ride Local!

Oh, the things we’ve heard and seen!

Our business, while difficult some days, is also kind of fun! We are at our core a customer service provider. You call our office, and we do our best to honor whatever requests you can come up with; transportation related, of course. But we do occasionally get some more than interesting calls into our office.
People will call and want to give us their life story. We have become very familiar with some of our regulars. If they are grouchy, we know it. If they are having a good day, sometimes they share why; sometimes we wish they didn’t, other times we are happy right along with them. Sometimes those same customers call for a ride and just need an ear for a minute. I just reminded my operators today that I cannot pay them more to be telephone counselors for people. We’re sure there’s an app for that now.
Some of the most fun requests we have gotten were to actually drive a Bride and Groom from their church to their reception the day of their wedding. The colors of the wedding where black and yellow, so we fit right in there! We’ve taken expectant, in labor, mothers to the hospital, and we’ve even had one taxi birth. The driver cleaned the car after he dropped her off and was back in service a few hours later. (While it was pretty cool, we cringed too!) We’ve done a welcome home trip for a returning soldier on the Fourth of July. We were proud to be a part of that, it was one of our favorites.
We often get called for directions, phone numbers, and locations of other businesses. While we do our best to help, we are not Waze or the Yellow Pages. Close, but not really. Our lost and found calls, we could make a book out of. We have a collection of strollers that would rival any Babies R Us (R.I.P.). We have enough keys here to open just about any kind of door ever made. We also have more cell phones than your local Verizon store. That’s probably why people are calling us for counseling, they can’t download the app.
Then, there are the ones that leave us scratching our heads. We’ve had someone call and ask could we move a motorcycle in the trunk. We’ve transported someone’s deceased pet to be cremated. We are constantly going to McDonalds, Wendy’s, or whatever fast food chain there is, ordering food and delivering it. People have requested vans to use us and our driver as their own, personal moving service. We’ve followed spouses, not on own, one of the affected parties were always there with us, even when we didn’t want to be. We even once delivered an NC-17 cake for a bachelorette party because the baker didn’t want her teenaged delivery people taking a peek. We’ve done some stuff, seen and heard incredible things! Even on slow days, it can be interesting. But don’t worry, we’d never share any specifics.

The Side Gig; Where Taxicabs Fit in the New Gigging Economy

Side hustle, temporary work, or a side gig; things that people are doing as a part-time, sometimes temporary work in order to bring in a little extra cash. People are signing up under apps to complete home repair, help people move, babysit, sell or rent clothes or even rent out your own house. You name it, and there’s probably an app for it. Many times you don’t have to have any special skills, be certified in anything, or have proper insurance to do the tasks people are looking for. You’re just connected with someone on an app who’s willing to do the work. Sometimes, often times, things work out great. People are paying less for the services they want, and getting results they are pleased with. But there is another side of side gigs that can be a little frightening.
So you want to move, you call a few movers in your area, get quotes, and discover quickly, moving isn’t cheap. So you go to one of the many apps available for movers. The price is right so you sign up. The movers arrive, as expected, your stuff is loaded and off they go. But what happens if there’s an accident? Will the damage to your belongings be covered by the person who got three friends together and rented a truck? Who’s responsible?
You decide you live in a nice area, near a big city, and you want to rent your house or a room out on one of the rental sites. You sign up, take pictures, and post your rental on a popular app where hundreds, maybe thousands of people see your home. You find a renter, pack your stuff, stow your valuables, and off you go, fully trusting that you’ve rented through the app to good people and everything will be fine. So what happens if there’s an accident? One of the people you’ve rented to falls while walking down your stairs. Who’s responsible?
Lastly, you go out with friends, grab a few drinks and, responsibly, decide to not drive home. You go to your phone and download an app to get yourself what you believe to be a safe ride. You scroll quickly through the terms of use and agreements, blindly accepting the terms and handing over your credit card information. Ten minutes later a car arrives to take you home. So what happens if there is an accident? Your driver goes to look at his phone and rear-ends another car. You’re hurt and will need medical care. Who’s responsible?
Unfortunately, this is something that a few side gig users have had to face; trying to determine liability in the event that something goes wrong. Without the proper insurance, licenses, and credentials, many times either the person completing the work, or the person using the services are often left footing the bill. Your cheap mover has wrecked the truck and all your boxes and furniture are now on the side of the road. He has no insurance to cover this; he’s just a guy who rented a truck. Who do you go after, the app, or the individual. Your renters are now suing you for their medical bills. Your homeowners insurance is denying coverage because you are legally now an innkeeper, and therefore needed a commercial policy. Your rideshare driver had only a personal policy, and his insurance is refusing to pay because he was involved in commercial enterprise during the accident. Do you remember what you agreed to when you scrolled through the terms and conditions? In many cases the apps, developers and companies controlling them, have done their research, and have hired legal teams to completely wash their hands of any responsibility. Now you’re stuck.
This is why it is so important to be completely aware of what you may be getting yourself into. Terms and conditions are tricky ways that many of these companies exonerate themselves of all liability. A guy with a car can sign up and drive you around. You don’t know his background. You don’t know if he has insurance. You just know he showed up with a decal in his window and looked similar to the person in the picture, on your phone, of who your driver should be. It’s a system that easily has the capability to put you in harm’s way.
So what do you do to protect yourself? This is where taxicabs and other reputable companies fit into the gig economy. We’re still here! We have been doing the same business as these side giggers for years, decades, centuries, even! Many times our insurance is monitored by state agencies to make sure we’re complying with all laws. In fact, many counties, cities and states have laws designed especially for us to follow to protect you from harm. We are even still hiring! If you need a side gig that won’t ruin you financially, you need to come see us. Many cab companies will even supply you with a fully equipped and insured cab to drive so you aren’t destroying your own, personal vehicle. Movers are hiring as well, if you like lugging boxes, and lifting heavy stuff, it’s right up your alley. They also have their own trucks, so you don’t have to rent one! The side gig economy can be full of pitfalls, why open yourself liability?

Oh The Places We Go……

Most people think of taxi service as local trips and service to the airport, bus station, or train station.  That is the large majority of our trips here at Yellow Cab.  We service all types of riders.  From the people that need to pick their car up from the shop, the mom that is having a rough morning (her kids missed the bus and now her car won’t start),  someone who is having outpatient surgery and shouldn’t drive, the elderly neighbor that needs to pick up some groceries, the business person going out of town and the family leaving on vacation, we provide safe affordable rides to these and many other customers performing everyday errands.

Sometimes we get the pleasure of taking a passenger on a special trip.  Maybe they don’t enjoy flying.  Some want the comfort of a vehicle with a favorite driver.  Others want to take a pet along.  They travel as they wish, sleep if they need to, go at their own pace, stop and smell the flowers, stretch their legs and enjoy the scenery.

In our 40 year history we have been to many destinations for many reasons.

Once we had a lady that didn’t want to be separated from her pet, they traveled to Ontario.  We are not sure who enjoyed the trip more, the dog, passenger or the driver!

Another trip took a veteran to a hospital in Indiana.

We took an elderly passenger to Ocean City to visit her old home and friends.

Casino trips to Atlantic City and Charles Town Racetrack in West Virginia, all before MGM and Maryland Live were built.

New York City is a favorite destination, as is Virginia Beach.

We have taken people to Florida, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and even Jackson Mississippi!  Trips to Upstate New York, Ohio and North Carolina too.

So please remember, we are your locally owned and operated cab company and we will get you where you need to be!  No matter where it is you wish to go!

From the Yellow Cab Weirdness Files; You Left WHAT in a Cab?!?!?

So, I admit it, I made people cry with my last blog……sorry!! That wasn’t my intention. Today, I am hoping to make you laugh. Our business deals with people when they are their most miserable and most jolly. Your car breaks down, you call a tow truck then you call us! You had a little too much fun out on the town, you call us to get you home safe. We deal with people at their lowest, and their highest…..sometimes literally.
We often find people, in their highs and lows will leave the most random things in our back seats. Sometimes these things are harmless, other times they leave us slightly more afraid of the world our drivers are in.
From the weird files here at Yellow Cab, we present: “You Left What In a Cab??”
Canes, canes and more canes have been left in cabs more times than we can remember. But one cane was waaaaay more interesting than any we have ever had dropped off in our office. It looked a little different and it wasn’t until someone pulled on one side that we understood why. It was actually a dual purpose cane. It could help you walk, and also help you in a fight as it had a sword concealed in the leg. Also not our only weapon, as someone did leave a gun in the back of a taxi. Rest assured, it was quickly removed and was turned over to the proper authorities.
Believe it or not, we once had a passenger leave an artificial leg in the backseat. We had a hard time figuring out exactly how that was even possible. More shockingly, two sets of false teeth have been left in our cabs. Both sets of recovered teeth were returned to their proper owners, and we are going to leave it at that. Another time a customer called because she thought she had lost her teeth in the cab, but we were informed by the driver they were likely on the side of the road and she owed him $25 for the car wash he had to pay for after she was dropped off. EEEEWWWWWEEEE!
Medications are left in cabs often and we make every attempt to locate the owners and return them. We have returned them to pharmacies, nursing homes and rightful owners when they are able to be located and verified. Self medications are another topic. Yes, we have had illegal substances left in cabs. Those too go to the proper authorities ASAP! I don’t know what they do with them, but we definitely don’t want them here! Please don’t do drugs and mostly, please don’t leave them in our cabs!!
Probably the saddest thing ever, not to make you cry or anything, was a puppy! We had a tiny little puppy left in the backseat of a vehicle once. The driver brought it to the office and he got to stay with one of our operators overnight until the owner was found and they were reunited.
I hope if we have to come get you one day that if you’re at your lowest, we are able to pick you up . If we pick you up at your highest, we just want to get you where you are going safely. If ever you happen to leave something in the cab that you wouldn’t go to jail for, or something that is a danger to the general public, we are always more than happy to reunite you with your lost item.